Selling your car to Off The Driveway is selling your car the easy way, but we appreciate you may still have some questions before you decide to go ahead. 

To help, we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions about our Off The Driveway used car selling service… 

Do you buy damaged cars?

We are open to purchasing used cars with minor damage (such as scratches and scuffs) and mechanical faults, but you will need to be clear with us as to the condition of your vehicle before we can make a final decision. If your car has major damage and mechanical faults, has previously been categorised, written-off or salvaged, then we won’t be able to buy it from you. 

Will I need to provide service history and proof of MOT?

As we’re sure you can appreciate, at Off The Driveway we are only interested in buying cars that are safe for us to sell on to another motorist. The more information you can give us about your vehicle, the better. Providing full service history documentation and recent MOT records means that we can offer you the best price possible for your car.

What if I still owe finance against my car?

Depending on the type of finance agreement you have entered into, will depend on whether we can purchase your car. For example, if your car is on Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase, then it is possible for us to deal directly with your finance lender and clear the final loan amount on your behalf. Please bear in mind that this will alter the final amount we can offer you for the vehicle.  

How do you value a car?

To ensure we can offer you the best possible price for your nearly new or used car, we take into consideration all of the factors listed in your initial online valuation form. With our market-leading knowledge and years of expertise in the car buying trade, we will always give you a fair price to match the current book price of your vehicle. 

Is my car subject to age restrictions?

We’ll only purchase nearly new and used cars that are under 10-years-old.

Is my car subject to mileage restrictions?

We’ll only consider cars that have a maximum of 80,000 miles on the clock. 

Can you give me an instant valuation on my car?

Once you’ve filled in our online valuation form, we do our best to get back to you straight away. At this point we can either provide you with an offer price for your car, or we may need some further details from you. 

Do I need to accept your offer?

Once you’ve enquired about a valuation price for your vehicle, you are at no point beholden to take us up on the offer, unless you have already signed the purchase agreement. 

What happens if I do accept your offer?

Should you wish to go ahead and accept our Off The Driveway offer, not only have you made a great decision, but the process is very straightforward. We’ll be in touch with a purchase agreement, following which we'll collect the vehicle from you and arrange a transaction of the purchase funds. 

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