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To give you a valuation, please start by providing us with your vehicle registration and mileage.

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Sending your enquiry

When it comes to selling your car the easy way, choose Off The Driveway. We’re here to make your car selling experience simple and straightforward - just the way it should be. 

How does it work?

Choosing to sell your car to Off The Driveway means you’re dealing with real people who give you REAL valuations. That’s right, we don’t rely on automated systems to generate a purchase price for your vehicle. Instead, we use our years of industry knowledge and experience to give you a fair and true reflection of what your car is currently worth. 

To get started, simply input your registration number into the online valuation form and as much information as you can about your car. Once you’ve submitted the form and we receive details about your vehicle, we’ll perform a manual valuation and come back to you with a personalised offer. You can then either accept the proposed purchase price so we can proceed, or choose not to go ahead with the purchase agreement.  

What criteria do cars need to meet?

In order for you to sell your car to us, the vehicle needs to meet certain criteria. As you can appreciate, every car we buy needs to tick a number of boxes so we can ensure your pre-loved car can find a new home. 

We only accept cars under 7-years-old with no more than 70,000 miles on the clock which are non-category or salvage. We’ve explained more about our expectations when it comes to selling us your nearly new or used car, below:

Damaged vehicles - we won’t accept cars that have been ‘categorised’. For example, cars labelled in Cat N or Cat S which are classed as vehicles that have sustained structural or non-structural damage, and are legally able to be repaired and re-sold. We will however accept cars that have minor damage, such as scratches and scuffs, and will request photos to confirm this. Any damage present will be reflected in the price we are able to offer you. 

Write offs - we take the same stance when it comes to cars that have been written-off due to an accident or costly damage. We categorically do not accept badly damaged vehicles of write-offs.

Salvaged vehicles - as with the above, we don’t accept cars that have been sent to salvage, or previously salvaged vehicles. 

Service history and MOT status - we’re all about being transparent with our customers, so we need to understand your car’s service history and current condition/MOT status. Even if your vehicle has minor mechanical issues, we may still be able to purchase it from you.